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                    Code Enforcement

Watsontown Borough no longer employs its own Code Enforcement Officer. 

Watsontown now contracts with Light-Heigel & Associates, Inc., out of their local Montandon office.  This agency is responsible for issuing building permits, condemning buildings, zoning, residential and commercial inspections, and investigating violations of Borough building codes.  They also generally handle most other borough ordinance violations, such as excessive grass/vegetation height, junk/abandoned vehicles or nuisances on private property, other property complaints, and various other violations.  If you need to speak with a code officer, contact the Watsontown Borough Building at 570-538-1000... or Light-Heigel & Associates directly at 570-524-7742.  You may also stop in the Borough Office and fill out a codes complaint form.

The Watsontown Police Department handles certain limited ordinance enforcement issues, such as immediate reporting of unplowed snow or ice on sidewalks, burning complaints, barking dog complaints, curfew violations, conduct violations and some abandoned vehicle issues (primarily on highways).  There may be other miscellaneous issues we respond to.  Contact WPD at 570-538-2773, or 570-742-8771, for one of these problems... or stop by the Watsontown Police Department to report it.